Non-Scale Victory!

The gym where I meet with my personal trainer on Wednesday and Friday has a small personal training room (I say small but it’s not really small. It is just small in comparison to the massive two story gym.). The north and south sides of the room look pretty similar. Anyway, we have always worked out on the north side of the room. It never occurred to me that my personal trainer might have selected that side for a reason. On Friday, after my workout (and I have been working with her for about six weeks), she said “Okay. We’re going to have to work out on the other side of the room next time. You’ve maxed out the weight on the equipment on this side of the room.” That does not sound like a bad thing to me! HW: 297; SW 286; CW 178; RNY 2/20/20.

Published by Angela

I’m a married prosecuting attorney, mother of three aged 3-28, grandmother to a toddler and scheduled to have Gastric Bypass RNY on 2/20/20. Follow my journey.

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