The surgery on Thursday want great. it took a tad longer than expected due to the hiatal hernia repair. It took about four hours. I stayed in the hospital two night instead of one due to my struggle with the pain and nausea. Last night, after getting home, I began vomiting. Fortunately, it didn’t lastContinue reading “Discharged!”

The Big Day

I’m up! I’m drinking my pre-op Gatorade and watching Survivor as a distraction. I’ve got to jump in the shower for my final pre-op surgical scrub. Then, in less than an hour, at 6 AM, I’ve got to checkin to the hospital! See you on the other side. Signed – My last pre-op post.

Liver Shrinking Diet Weight Loss

At orientation back in November or December, they said “we hope to see you lose 10-15 pounds during the liver shrinking diet.” Im apparently crazy because I’ve had fleeting thoughts of – if I don’t lose that much are they going to think I cheated and cancel/delay my surgery? I know this is crazy. So,Continue reading “Liver Shrinking Diet Weight Loss”

Update – Day 4 of the Liver Shrinking Diet

I’m still struggling with the liver shrinking diet. I’m hoping that being busy at work tomorrow will help with the mental component at least. I’ve updated the About Me page with my “Before” photos. I’ve linked my social media pages to the website (look at the bottom of the page to follow me on socialContinue reading “Update – Day 4 of the Liver Shrinking Diet”