Week Post-Op

I’m officially a week out of surgery today. the physical pain has mostly subsided. Now the challenge is coming in the form of diminished energy and, even more significantly, the mental aspect of being an RNY patient.

I’m still on a full liquid diet, and it’s miserable. I would do darn near anything for some solid food. So far, I’ve predominantly been eating protein shakes, sugar free fat free pudding, and sugar free fat fre Greek Yogurt. Those things have gone fine.

I have also experimented with some cream soup twice, though. That has gone decidedly less well. The first time was a few days ago. The aftermath made me feel like garbage. I figured that I just wasn’t ready for it and decided to try it again in a few days. That day was today.

I spent most of the afternoon feeling like crap. I don’t even think it was dumping. I think it is just a heavier food and, therefore, trickier to catch that exact moment when my body says “no thanks. I’m done.” The trick, I think, is that I’m not slowing down enough to eat. While that is scary to contemplate since I will eventually be transitioned to more and more heavy foods. On the other hand, I guess I should be grateful for the fact that I’m catching on now.

So, the answer to any questions as to how I’m doing is, I’m exhausted and overwhelmed still.


The surgery on Thursday want great. it took a tad longer than expected due to the hiatal hernia repair. It took about four hours.

I stayed in the hospital two night instead of one due to my struggle with the pain and nausea. Last night, after getting home, I began vomiting. Fortunately, it didn’t last that long or I would have had to call the surgeon. It scared me nonetheless, though. The doctors are pretty clear that they’d like to avoid you vomiting at all costs.

I feel better today than I did yesterday (although the bar was pretty low). I’m praying that my recovery will speed up tomorrow when I am allowed to begin full fluids again (things like protein shakes and Greek yogurt).

The Big Day

I’m up! I’m drinking my pre-op Gatorade and watching Survivor as a distraction. I’ve got to jump in the shower for my final pre-op surgical scrub. Then, in less than an hour, at 6 AM, I’ve got to checkin to the hospital!

See you on the other side. Signed – My last pre-op post.

Nerves Kicking In

So, tomorrow is the big day. I should get a call by 3:30 this afternoon telling me when to show up. I’ve been under general anasthesia about 10 times for 7 or so surgeries. So, you would think I wouldn’t get nervous at all anymore. Yet, here I am.

I’m not talking about some kind of unbearable “I don’t want to do this” kind of nervous. It’s a nagging nervousness.

At noon, I have to switch to a clear fluid liquid diet. The starvation should help with the nerves [sarcasm off].

So, I’m trying to focus on the positive. Have I shown everyone my goal weight reward? Here it is. Imminently coverable but, depending on what (age appropriate) outfit I wear, it can be visible in casual outings. I will get it slightly shaded for a minimal color effect.

Liver Shrinking Diet Weight Loss

At orientation back in November or December, they said “we hope to see you lose 10-15 pounds during the liver shrinking diet.” Im apparently crazy because I’ve had fleeting thoughts of – if I don’t lose that much are they going to think I cheated and cancel/delay my surgery? I know this is crazy. So, I’m going with the story that the hunger of the diet is making me a little crazy.

I have lost about 8 pounds in the eleven days I’ve been on the diet. I have three more days to go (half of one of those days, I’ll be solely on clear liquids). So, I still have time to hit 10 pounds. Moreover, they weighed me on day seven of the diet! So, they can only know that I’ve lost SOME weight on the diet!

I have spent the last two nights waking up mid-night and literally being unable to go back to sleep because I was too hungry! So, I’ve been expecting to see a loss. No such luck. I’ve got to learn to avoid being so enslaved by the scale!

Almost Ready!

I ordered my chewable vitamins, calcium, and iron. I start them on day 5 post-op. So, I needed to have them in hand. I also ordered some foldable waist yoga pants because, weird but true, I have no comfy pants for post-op.

I’ve got a shopping list together to gather my clear and whole liquid foods a couple days before surgery. That includes broth, jello, sugar free popsicles, sugar free fat free pudding, fat free strawberry shortcake yogurt (my favorite yogurt), Greek yogurt, and water flavor enhancers. I also have some PBfit so I can make chocolate peanut butter pudding shakes!

I’m not terribly worried about the surgery. I’m just ready.

Pre-op Doctor Appointment

I’ve got the all clear despite learning that I’ve got a hiatal hernia. The surgeon is going to repair the hernia prior to proceeding with surgery. I had no clue I had such a thing! The PA said my stomach had slid up into my esophagus (which explains all the recent acid reflux!). So, they’re going to stuff it back down and put a stitch in my esophagus to keep it put.

I kept reading and hearing about “the binder” referencing something that weight loss surgery patients get. Well, I got my binder today along with a bunch of information.

I will be wrapping up my liver shrinking diet at noon on the 19th. Then, it’s clear liquids for the rest of the day.

I am to drink a full sugar Gatorade that isn’t red the night before surgery and two hours prior to my arrival time at the hospital.

I will learn my arrival time at the hospital between 3 and 4 on the 19th.

I am ordering my post-op vitamins, calcium, and iron today.

We only covered the first two weeks of post-op diet since I have a two week followup. The first two weeks is ALL liquid. For four days, I’m restricted to clear liquids. Days five through fourteen, I can have full liquids. Whoopee for full liquids! 🙄

I’m feeling good about the process, though. Onward and upward!

Why Weight Loss Surgery?

A dear friend asked me to compose a list of the reasons I was having weight loss-surgery to help me push through the next 4-6 weeks. Here is my list.

  1. To regather my self-esteem
  2. To be a good example of health for 3 year old
  3. To be present for 3 year old’s graduation 
  4. To be present for 3 year old’s wedding
  5. To be present for 27 year old’s next baby
  6. To be present for any babies my 25 year old has 
  7. To make it until at least my 3 year old’s 30th year – and as long as possible thereafter 
  8. To be able to comfortably chaperone field trips 
  9. To be able to ride amusement park rides or zip line or do whatever my 3 year old wants to do
  10. To not worry that I can’t make it through a walking intense vacation with the family 
  11. To be able to cross my legs
  12. To be able to shop in the regular clothing section

Pre-op Planning

I have my final pre-surgical appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. I assume we will discuss vitamins in addition to the typical what to expect type of stuff. So, I’ll need to order vitamins and run to the grocers to be ready for my liquid and purée diet phases. I did do a little pre-op shopping in advance, though.

I bought a nice robe in my size because I understand that there is an immediate push to walk post-op.

I bought some 6 ounce ramekins with lids for both food prep and storage.

I bought a 40 ounce insulated water bottle without a straw to ensure I get my water in and because I know adjusting to life without straws is going to be a challenge. This is so much the case that I’ve gone ahead and given up straws during the liver shrinking diet and am getting accustomed to my new water bottle!

I plan on buying some kids size silverware because small bites will be a challenge for me, too.

Anyone have any other thoughts regarding preparatory items that I may find useful?

Update – Day 4 of the Liver Shrinking Diet

I’m still struggling with the liver shrinking diet. I’m hoping that being busy at work tomorrow will help with the mental component at least.

I’ve updated the About Me page with my “Before” photos.

I’ve linked my social media pages to the website (look at the bottom of the page to follow me on social media – including Pinterest where I save bariatric friendly recipes!).

Additionally, I’ve been cruising the net for vision board material (in particular, I’ve been looking at skinny clothes!). Here are some of the looks that I’ve found and love!