Liver Shrinking Diet – Day 3

I’m starving! Yes, I’m mentally hungry but I’m physically hungry, too! It’s crazy for me to think I have to do this another 11-12 days. I WILL do it. It’s just not fun. And yes, I know that I’ll still barely be eating after surgery. At least then, though, I’ll be dealing mostly with mental hunger.

I am starting to get a feel for some of the mental anguish, though. I am trying to avoid food commercials because they’re excruciating. I was drawn to a taco bell commercial that almost killed me!

Yesterday, my three year old was eating ranch veggie straws. They smelled amazing! So, I’m getting a sense of the next several months to years.

So, in sum, liver shrinking diet day 3 of 14 is underway. And, I am not enjoying it!

Weight Loss Surgery Prep

I started the liver shrinking diet yesterday. It consists of four protein drinks a day and one low cal meal. So, yes. I’m starving physically and mentally. I figure the mental starvation is good exercise but it still bites. I had to ask my husband to go get me tea because I’m unprepared to go to the grocery store at this point. I know it sounds ridiculous but it IS. I’m already looking forward to transitioning to puréed foods post-op.

A friend who had the surgery four years ago told me to get my before pic today ay since I will be losing weight over the next two weeks. It sounded like a stellar plan! Standby for posting of my before pic within the next day or two.

I spent most of today doing my hospital pre-op paperwork and testing. Tuesday, I have a pre-op follow-up with my surgeon. I will, of course, update after that appointment. I suspect that I will post before then, though, to whine about being hungry.